Medsix is creating novel wound drainage monitoring sensors + analytic tools for better patient outcomes


In the US, millions of surgeries annually require a drain to be installed to collect and dispose of excess fluids as the body heals. However, current monitoring practices are manual, leading to problems in detecting early onset of complications, and longer lengths of stay. The problems are exacerbated when patients are discharged home with a drain. 

Nurses and patients today eyeball the color and volume of the drainage. There is no standard of care ie. what is pink or brownish? Inaccurate data often leads to drains being installed much longer than necessary and missing early signs of bleeding, infection and other complications.


A patent-pending device attached to any drain to allow automated monitoring. Generating easily accessible reports that track patient progress and recovery metrics. An early detection and warning system that reduces recovery time and keeps patients out of hospitals.


1st Place in Healthcare at Home Track at MIT HackingMedicine and Best Cancer Hack Prize from Koch Institute for Medsix’s proof-of-concept

IDEA Prototype Award from Northeastern University’s venture accelerator and Capstone Award from Northeastern University’s College of Engineering for Medsix’s prototype

Accepted to New England’s premier medical device incubator by Johnson and Johnson – JLABS@M2D2

Participated in MIT sponsored NSF I-Corps program directed at tough tech commercialization

Accepted to first cohort of Petri, Pillar VC’s bioengineering accelerator and got an investment of $250k


CEO, Nikin Tharan. Youngest Research Assistant at India’s Department of Defense at 9 y/o. Techstars Alumnae. Founded a successful non-profit. BostInno’s Top 25 Under 25. Forbes Under 30 Scholar

CTO, Dr. Niloy Choudhury. 20+ years of scientific, industrial and academic experience in opto-electronics instrumentation and product development. 50+ patents/papers/publications

CMO, Dr. Neil Mukherjee. Foregut and Hepatobiliary Pancreas Surgeon at Northwell Health. Associate Program Director at Hofstra University. 15+ years clinical experience. 50+ articles/papers/publications

Business Development, Geoffrey Bocobo. George & Kelly Ellis Jr. Scholar & MD Candidate at The Jacobs School of Medicine. Former researcher at Brigham & Women’s Hospital w/ 10+ publications. Previously an Innovation Fellow, Investment Banking Analyst, and Foundation Advisor

Systems Engineering, Dr. Max Narovlyansky. 10+ years of scientific leadership experience in microfluidics and point of care diagnostics. PhD from Whitesides Lab. BSc from CalTech

Quality, Shannon O’Toole. 10+ years of engineering leadership experience at several medical device startups and small business innovative research (SBIR) firms

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