Novel sensors for wound drainage monitoring + predictive tools for better patient outcomes


In the United States, over 10M surgeries annually require a drain to be installed to collect and dispose of excess fluids as the body heals.

The color and volume of drain output is eyeballed for complications such as leaks, excessive bleeding, blockages and infection. There are delays in detecting complications leading to longer lengths of stay, increased costs and higher mortality.

In the case of anastomotic leaks alone, there is currently 2-3 day delay in detecting a leak, $45k increase in costs and 12% mortality rate.


Medsix plans to sell a disposable device (that attaches to commercially available drains) + patient monitoring software (with predictive analytics) to hospitals.

This will address the needs of:
1. Patients – remove drains earlier and reduce overall recovery time
2. Providers – improved clinical workflow & decision making, detect complications earlier and higher patient satisfaction
3. Payers – decrease length of stay, lower costs and reduce mortality rate


CEO, Nikin Tharan. Youngest Research Assistant at India’s Department of Defense at 13 y/o. Techstars Alumnae. BostInno’s 25 Under 25. Forbes Under 30 Scholar

CTO, Dr. Niloy Choudhury. 20+ years of scientific, industrial and academic experience in opto-electronics instrumentation and product development. 50+ patents/papers/publications

CMO, Dr. Neil Mukherjee. Foregut and Hepatobiliary Pancreas Surgeon at Northwell Health. Associate Program Director at Hofstra University. 15+ years clinical experience. 50+ articles/papers/publications

Business Development, Geoffrey Bocobo. MD Candidate. Former researcher at Brigham & Women’s Hospital w/ 10+ publications. Previously a VC Fellow, Innovation Fellow and Investment Banking Analyst


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